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Girl Talk with Elle Varner

Elle Varner Interview with

Elle Varner Interview with


Grammy Nominated Artist, Elle Varner

Singer, songwriter, musician and Grammy nominated artist, Elle Varner had a few minutes of Girl Talk with this past weekend after her meet-and-greet at The Shrine in Chicago. This Los Angeles native is phenomenal she does it all! Her first album, Perfectly Imperfect hit the number 4 spot on the Billboard Charts in 2012 and she’s getting ready to release her 2nd album Four Letter Word.

Elle Varner on her upcoming album Four Letter Word:

“Four Letter Word is an album that I’ve been working on for a minute…not that I want it to be perfect or any one thing I just want it to be as real as possible; I want to be able to tell my story and at the same time keep my fans in mind. I’ve been through certain things that can be reflected in the music, you can hear on there are four songs up.

The meaning behind the title Four Letter Word:

“It started when I wrote this song called F**k It All and I was trying to figure out how I was going to write this online [starts laughing], so I put symbols instead of writing out the cuss words and the four letter word and the symbols they just mean that it’s whatever you’re feeling at that moment. I couldn’t put it into one word or phrase what I wanted this album to be, so it’s just a four letter word.”

How Elle got her start in the music industry:

“If you want to count from when I was working with my dad literally pressing stickers on cds, I was street team at age 12. He had an independent label and I was always behind the scenes seeing what went on there. I started recording very young. Professionally it was just destiny, just being at the right place at the right time and never giving up.

Elle’s advice to women who are aspiring artists in the music industry:

“My advice to other women trying to get into the music industry is to keep business, business. That is going to come up everywhere you look and it’s going to screw you literally [starts laughing]. You have to keep your respect and know that just because it’s a male dominated industry that doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough or that you’re not talented. If it’s something that you feel that you have to do, if this is what you think of every morning, then you have to do it.

Elle’s Love Life:

“I am currently single”

Reality Show Rumors?

“That’s not happening, I’m actually developing my own show, but wait we gotta get this album out first! I’m just ready to put this album out, do some live TV performances and just come back and kill it.”

Watch the video below:


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