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Get To Know The Single Wives Club

The Single Wives Club has created quite a stir since inception, garnering over 12K social media followers and hundreds of members. Created to empower single women as they prepare for marriage, they are now gearing up for the 2nd Annual Single Wives Weekend in Atlanta which includes a full 3-days of workshops, fashion, business summits and more. Committed to helping women evolve into their best self, Founder Koereyelle Dubose has been featured with Essence Magazine, NstyleAtlanta, Bossip, Fearless Magazine, AtlantaBlackStar & more for her unique vision.
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Whether divorced, engaged, or simply single — she has created an impactful weekend line-up that will connect ladies from across the country for a dynamic experience. Briea Chanel, media correspondent at, was able to ask Miss Dubose about her vision and ultimate goal for the Single Wives Club.
Briea Chanel: How did the Single Wives Club get started?
Koereyelle Dubose: ​I started The Single Wives Club out of personal need in 2011 after my engagement ended in abuse in 2010. I really wanted to figure out what I could do to prepare for the right person and figure out what I contributed to the failed relationship. So, I began having cooking parties where I would invite about 10 of my girlfriends over each month and they had to bring a dish and a recipe. The goal was for each of us to teach one another the recipes we knew. At one of the parties we began sharing other skills we thought we should improve. From there we began planning other outings to improve ourselves and learn new skills. Soon, I had to host public events because we got such a great response on social media from people who wanted to be involved and that’s how it became the business it is today.
BC: What inspired you to create a group dedicated to women who may become  wives in the future?
KD: As a single woman who wanted to better myself, I realized there are literally NO organizations dedicated to single women preparing to become wives or mothers. I remember being in Girl Scouts as a child and that’s how I learned a lot of practical skills, how to communicate and build relationships and how to treat other people. But, the older we get the fewer resources we have. I realized that there were skills I needed to have and if there wasn’t any resources for us, I needed to create one. I believe in preparation vs stagnation and I don’t believe in “on the job training” so my goal is to provide resources to help women prepare to be wives and mothers BEFORE they have children and husbands.BC: What is your ultimate goal for The Single Wives Club?

KD: My ultimate goal is to impact single women around the world, providing resources, skill training and a supportive community.BC: What are some events and/or projects we can expect from you and The  Single Wives Club in the future?

KD: We are very excited to present the “Get in the Game Dating Game & Bachelor Auction” Tuesday August 26th 7-11pm at Metro Fuxon Lounge where women will have a chance to win a date with our bachelors! We are also preparing for our biggest event of the year- Single Wives Weekend (October 17-19th) which is the Ultimate Women’s a Weekend! We’re providing education, empowerment and entertainment with 5 events in 3 days. Event registration is available at!
SingleBC: If you could give the best advice to women in general, single or married, what would it be?

KD: With Patience, persistence and positivity ANYTHING is possible!

To find out more information follow @TheSingleWivesClub on Instagram or visit:


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