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‘Empire’s’ Serayah McNeill Shares Her Regimen For Healthy Hair

When it comes to rocking an endless array of hairstyles, Empire’s Serayah McNeill dominates. Whether she’s in front of the camera, on the red carpet or just kicking back for a chill day with friends,  one thing is certain: We can’t get enough of her mane!

McNeill’s natural hair is thick and full of textured curls but she’s no stranger to rocking sleek press outs. But even as simple as it seems to change hairstyles like one changes clothes, you’re hair has to be up for the manipulation. Therefore, your hair must be healthy. So, how does she do it?

For Serayah, moisturizing is key, and we’re not just talking about applying products that will keep the tresses soft yet strong, but also retaining the moisture once you’ve applied your desired product. “I love to deep condition my hair (she prefers Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Cream and Aussie Moist Conditioner) at nighttime under a drier, keep the ends cut and make sure to apply minimum heat (but when she does, she’s reaching for Hot Tools Wand Iron). Keep it hydrated with water and use lots of leave-in conditioner,” she shared.



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