3 Ways to Shape Your Environment So That Your Business Can Flourish

Are you in a situation where you’re struggling to stay focused on building your brand due to negative energy around you? This stressful environment can impede your progress if you let it. Here are 3 ways you can create an environment for your business to thrive:

Transmute the Negative Energy

You may be receiving negative vibes from your peers at school, parents at home or associates at work. Instead of reacting to it and letting it distract you, transmute or transform that energy and use it to further motivate you to change your situation. It takes money to leave that job and to move out on your own… so keep that in mind whenever you feel like you want to give up or this entrepreneurial journey is too stressful to keep up with. I find comfort in reminding myself that my business will give me mobility and allow me the freedom to surround myself with who ever I choose, WHENEVER I choose.

Be Mindful of the Company You Keep

The amount of energy you put into building your business corresponds to the progress you’ll see in return. It will be hard to stay focused if you’re letting your friends drag you out to a concert or party every weekend or if they’re constantly holding you up on the phone. Make time for your friends, but don’t let your friends consume all of your time. Respectfully let them know your priorities and that you are on a mission to gaining financial freedom. You may even influence one or two to create and pursue their dream job! As long as you remain focused on the goal, your REAL friends will stay by your side and the others will weed themselves out. Try mentally establishing what I like to call your ‘inner and outer circles’. Your inner circle should be the like-minded people you surround yourself with on a consistent basis and the outer circle are the people you continue to make time for, but at the same time keep at an adequate distance.

Make Your Personal Space Your Sanctuary 

Whether you’re at home, the office or your home office it’s imperative that you feel a sense of relief from the outside world when you enter this space. Keep it clean and organized! Personally I need candles, natural lighting, plants, books and my thinking music (or preferably quiet) to keep me mentally centered. A vision board helps tremendously throughout the year to remind me of my short term and long term goals. I have to keep a journal close by it encourages me to write my ideas out in order to manifest them in my reality. As long as you’re able to think and remained focus you’re in a good place!


Thank you for reading I hope these tips help you along your journey as it has mine! Leave questions and comments below!

Meet Briea Chanel, the Editor-in-Chief of GirlMuch.com. She is also a tech savvy, online entrepreneur who develops digital assets.