Work to Live Instead of Living to Work: Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

It can be difficult to stay focused on building your business when you’re juggling school work, a social life and a 9-5 job. The stress alone can be discouraging especially when you’re not seeing your brand progress as you would like to. This is something I struggle with too. What I had to realize was that at the end of the day I am responsible for my own experience. I am free to make my own choices. I had to completely let go of fear. Fear of failure. If I was going to pursue this journey as an entrepreneur and really believe and invest in my vision I needed to make some changes.

Honestly the only reason I kept up with school was because I wanted to have a plan B “just in case” my entrepreneurial ventures weren’t a success. This kind of thinking alone was holding me back from my full potential. Going after your dreams requires your full attention and faith. And remember it’s going to take sacrifices and risks to make things happen! If there was a “safe” or easy path to financial freedom literally everyone would enjoy the lifestyle. It takes a certain type of individual willing to do what’s necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. So this was my solution: I left school even though I was a semester away from graduating with my AA in business marketing. I kept my job but instead of investing my own money in classes I chose to invest in growing my business. This allowed me a lot more time to THINK, be creative and nurture my brand!

My social life is still intact although it’s not as heavy as it was when I was 18-21. During those years I pretty much got the “college experience” out of my system. It’s also great that I have supportive friends who understand my lifestyle! However being social does plays a major role in my career as a business woman. Networking is key. Connections are everything. I can’t tell you how many doors opened up for me because of a conversation I had with the right person. Industry events are great to attend every now and then!

Now that I created all of this time for myself I was able to worry less, think more and build! Here are a couple of tips I use to manage my time efficiently:

Always Plan Ahead

I keep my iCloud calendars synced on every device, especially my iPhone. Once something comes up in the books I document it in my schedule whether it’s an event (family or business), meeting, phone call, deadline, deposit, etc. This keeps me aware of what my day/week is going to look like before it approaches. Anything that comes about last minute I can move around accordingly so I don’t over book myself. It’s all about being organized and making sure your day to day runs as smoothly as possible to ensure less stress and worry.

Prioritizing is Key

The only way to maximize the engagement of your business and platform is to constantly put energy towards it. Each day we get another 24 hours to build our social media following, create content, restock product and supplies, ship out orders, manage the books, organize the schedule, and gain more knowledge of our craft.

Although your passion should cause you to jump out of bed every morning and continue working, you are still having a human experience and your well being is the most important thing. Financial freedom isn’t just about money or material wealth, it’s also about being mentally, physically and spiritually free.┬áSpending quality time with family, self-care rituals (meditating, exercise, spa and beauty maintenance etc), traveling and gaining new experiences are also important. It’s up to you to prioritize your routine in a way that keeps you happy, inspired and progressing! Don’t forget to live because you’re working on making a living. Work to live instead of living to work.

The great thing about having a social media based business is that you can work on building your brand all throughout the day as long as you have your smart phone or laptop handy. So you never have to miss a beat!


Thanks for reading and for all of the positive feedback thus far!

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