Staasia Daniels Unveils Her Hidden Gem- “Never Fade” (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)



Staasia Daniels is an artist/songwriter & studying engineer with GSX Music, I had the pleasure of connecting & building with representing the 6 (Toronto).  She is showcasing the flagship superstar talent, & high quality songwriting ability that’s becoming a calling card of the city’s music scene when it comes to certain emerging acts.

All respect to 5 Piece Music for initially introducing me to such an incredible talent like Staasia. 5 Piece is a producer/engineer who mixed & mastered Staasia’s EP “Hidden Gems”– & also has a background interning for OVO Sound & working with New Toronto Street Sound.  I must mention as well how Staasia rolled out the project in exclusive fashion with Complex CA premiering her EP for first listens: http://ca.complex.com/music/2016/08/premiere-listen-staasia-daniels-ep-hidden-gems

“Never Fade”, is a single off  her “Hidden Gems” EP, which I feel is the sound, that the R&B game so desperately needs back!  Most easily one of the most chill video sets to ever be on, when they recorded it back in Feb of 2016.  The one record at the house party that gets everyone up when you play it, due to Staasia’s very soothing yet dynamic vocal performance on the record.

In my opinion, Staasia knocked it out the park with this one from the sound sonically to the visual concept, & it’s definitely one of my favorites off her “Hidden Gems” EP!  I love it when the official music video of the record visually matches the feel of the track.  Shout out to Paco RTC  with Red Tumi Creative for allowing me the opportunity in working with Staasia to get her on Nitty’s Knocker (www.serenitymarie.com) AM 1680 on Que4Radio (Que4.org). You can check out her interview on the station below:


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