Sabrina Claudio- “Confidently Lost” EP (Review) + Music Videos

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Just when you think you have the music industry all figured out, & you know all the pieces to the puzzle, there is always that wild card that comes out of nowhere that no one expects or sees coming! That one professional figure, force, or movement  that may have left small clues on the way up the ladder to success, but for the most part was purposely invisible to the mainstream public. Sometimes its due to the big time executive(s) & manager(s) behind these talents and the non-existent art of artist development that leaves some of the greatest superstars behind a veil until the perfect moment. Timing is everything you know!

As a freshly credited A&R, & content contributor across multiple platforms, I spend hours searching the internet & online for the greatest talent I can find.  The one lesson I learned on my journey in this profession is that both inspiration & talent can be discovered anywhere. The most successful individuals in this field are the ones that remain open and don’t prejudge a source where talent or inspiration can come from.  That’s why before I introduce this incredible talent, I have to give special thanks to Buzzfeed.com featured artist/vocalist/songwriter, Ms.Marisa Borrello,  for introducing me to Sabrina’s brand & most recent EP released, “Confidently Lost”.

sabrinaclaudiolike (Sabrina Claudio likes Prophet Amen Ra (@deethebestemcee) tweet about “Confidently Lost” EP.)

sabrinaredone-(Sabrina Claudio & Grammy Nominated Producer Red One)-

I have been playing the project & select records off the project every day for the past 2-3 months or so leading up to this feature article, & I can truly say it is probably sonically, one of the smoothest most cohesive projects I’ve heard in 2017!  Truly thought provoking deep lyrics with atmospheric, & melodies production to match. The project has a central sound, but still gives you a variation in the production as far as sounds & arrangements goes with each of the records off the EP.

Just when Jhene Aiko has released, “Maniac”,  and departed from the smooth soul-mood music that we’ve known for her to supply to her fans for years over ambient production for her 1st single.  Sabrina’s, “Confidently Lost” EP  was released just in the nick of time, to fill a void & lane that was missing in the industry at the present moment, while still remaining uniquely herself. Sabrina’s giving us that smooth, but reflective ride sonic-ally that you can play at any time of the day in any setting. It is also seen that she has connected with famous music producers/executives like Mr.Randy Jackson (American Idol) &  with Grammy Nominated producer Redone (Jennifer Lopez/ Lady Gaga/ Nicki Minaj). However, at the present moment it seems Sabrina is a completely independent artist-talent with a  very seasoned management team behind her.

The fun part of this for me is putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and doing research to figure out exactly who is Sabrina & how did she get to this point of releasing her 6 song EP, “Confidently Lost”? This is what my research has resulted in;

This is a video I recently stumbled upon of the Miami Native, Ms.Sabrina Claudio, who now currently resides in Los Angles, California connecting with Vevo and giving the world details about her life & career. (Check out the selected footage above. )

There are a few stand out records & personal favorites of mine on the, “Confidently Lost” EP, that I want to share with the readers of GirlMuch.com today!

You can check out Sabrina Claudio breaking down the lyrics and meaning to “Confidently Lost” to Genius below:

One of my favorite records off the “Confidently Lost” project. Space age production with silky songwriting. Instant classic in Sabrina’s discography. The” Orion’s Belt”, reference brings the feel of the production of the record full circle, & shows Sabrina’s songwriting can dive deep while staying consistent to a theme as well. May I mention also that the melody of the record is just truly hypnotic!

In regards to “Tell Me x Too Much Too Late”- “Tell Me” is instantly one of the most sexiest records of the records of the year with it’s jazzy production, & intoxicating melody done by the vocals of Sabrina Claudio. The 2 part video shows the duality in Sabrina’s songwriting ability with, “Too Much Too Late” ,reminding you of that Golden Late 90’s-Early 2000’s  R&B Soul/Pop that came on in the summer on the radio! Truly one of the greatest times in pop culture, &  it’s always amazing to see artists like Sabrina channel that sound at such an early point in her career, while simultaneously giving you a fresh flavor & experience you never heard before!

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