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Hot Track You Can’t Snooze On: Chimeka (Chin Chilla Meek)- “Intro” (Official Music Video) + Nitty’s Knocker Radio Interview (Exclusive)

Hello GirlMuch Readers,

I hope everyone has been having a good holiday SZN since the last feature-interview/post I did on this platform. I was taking the time out today to write about an incredibly talented female emcee, artist, & songwriter I’ve known, & heard of for awhile now named, “Chimeka”, hailing from Harvey, Illinois also known as, “Harvey World”, to the people accustomed to the area. She had formerly been named,  “Chin Chilla Meek”, for her past fans, & followers already familiar with her previous work before, “The Intro”            co-produced by Law Beatz & Eazy !

Chimeka&AmenRa– (Prophet Amen Ra- Donnel Perry & Chimeka formerly known as Chin Chilla Meek at Power 92 Car & Bike Show)

She has been dubbed The Queen, & female savior of “Harvey World” by the streets of Chicago, & Harvey, Illinois based off her lyrical prowness, especially as a frequent collaborator with Nick Cannon’s Ncredible Entertainment recent signee, Ty Money. I believe she proves herself whole-heartedly in terms of flow, & lyrical dexterity with her, “Intro” record that you can see placed above.

ChimeKa&DJDrama-(DJ Drama & Chimeka at Club Adriannas)

The “Intro” is an original record in Lil Wayne “freestyle” format with no hook to the record, but instead a time bending, & dimension warping sounding flow, & straight fire emoji bars that makes you wonder how Chimeka was able to think of those type of cadence patterns for this particular production/record?!! That mixing process was clearly tedious as hell, but definitely paid off in a sonically barrier breaking performance on this record by Chimeka.


The sick in-studio visual was shot, & edited by the god TevDash Films ( at Chicago’s “Complex 2010” music studio co-operated by Chimeka’s general manager, & industry veteran, Merk Murphy.

OliverStone1– (Polo Corleone)

OliverStoneTyMoney– (Nick Cannon’s Ncredible Entertainment artist, Ty Money & Polo Corleone)

I had the pleasure of meeting Chimeka personally twice. Once at a “friend & family” only BBQ last summer in her land thru Polo Corleone ( from DMG (Dope Money Gang) who you can also catch pictured with Ty Money above as well, & in the background of  Chimeka’s “Intro” video wildin out alongside rising artists, & DMG (Dope Money Gang) affiliates- Danny 10K-(, ,& MoneyReg- (  . Chimeka showed me much love, & hospitality at her BBQ event, & she was a great host. Can’t forget the good food as well! Nothing but positive vibes, & love from her and her people.  I appreciated that sincerely homies!

moneyregDannyK&nephewTommy– (Danny 10K, Nephew Tommy, & MoneyReg)

The 2nd time Chimeka, & I bumped into each other was at the Power 92 Car & Bike Show she was scheduled to perform at. The picture you see above of Chimeka, & I was from that event.


I also had the honor of working with her, & Merk on our sister affiliate, Nitty’s Knocker ( AM station platform as well in coordinating, & scheduling her interview on the show on Que4radio. You can check out Chimeka’s exclusive radio call in, & media-interview on Nitty’s Knocker below.  In this interview “HarveyWorld”s queen addresses her most recent career progression, & updates since the release of the 11,600+ views “Intro” video, & details about her new project, “Chronicles of a Unicorn” coming soon.



We’ll be sure to catch up with Chimeka soon for an exclusive Q&A Interview on the GirlMuch platform to dive deeper with her on all her current pursuits. Until than this was just “The Intro”. Love, honor, & respect!

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