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Wavy Anthems- Starrah- “Rush” (3D Animation) & “Rush” Remix ft. Kehlani

Happy Monday GirlMuch Readers,

Starrah– (Starrah)

I wanted to dive into this week profiling a very cool songwriter/singer/artist named, Starrah,  based out of Los, Angeles California. She is originally from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Named an artist to watch in 2017 by Complex Media. Honored by ASCAP for her incredible songwriting ability awarding her the “Song of The Year” & “Rhythm & Soul” award respectively from the association.

GirlMuchStarrah4– (Starrah’s “Secret Genius Award”)


GirlMuchstarrah3– (Starrah & Nick Jarjour celebrating 10 million singles sold)

GirlMuchStarrah6– (Starrah’s ASCAP Honors)

As of November 2017 she currently has the #1 & #4 pop songs on pop radio, a winner & ambassador of the 1st annual “Secret Genius” awards produced by Spotify, & a  featured act in Variety Magazine’s “Hitmakers 2017” list.

GirlMuchStarrah5– (Nick Jarjour & Starrah)GirlMuchStarrah2– (Nick Jarjour & Starrah)

The 27 year old Grammy Nominated creative force has been behind the scenes empowering some of your favorite artists such as; Rihanna, Travis Scott, Kevin Gates, Calvin Harris, Dreezy, Camila Cabello, Diplo, Maroon5, The Weeknd, Kid Ink, Katy Perry, & Nicki Minaj  with hits via dope songwriting and/or vocals. Over 10 million singles have been sold by her unique, melodic, & catchy pen game alongside the business leadership, & acumen, of Maverick’s youngest partner, & Starrah’s general manager, Mr.Nick Jarjour of Jarjour Mgmt Co.

GirlMuchstarrah1– (Mr.Nick Jarjour- Maverick Partner & General Manager of Starrah)

Starrah however isn’t allowing the industry to put her in the box of just being an accomplished multi-platinum songwriter. Starrah has recently released these easy listening “wavy anthems” (singles) called, “Rush” & “Rush” Remix ft. Kehlani both produced by Retro Future.


The 3D animation produced by @amberprk in the visual shows an animated Starrah dreaming, & traveling through a candy-land reminiscent type world w/ scenes paying homage to Mario Kart 64 from the Nintendo 64,  Parappa The Rapper from PS1, & several other classic video games.  It’s going to scream classic nostalgia to any 90’s baby, however, it still manages to give off a new edge feel, & look in the quality, & vibrant coloring of the 3D animated piece.

RushRemixCoverart– (“Rush” Remix ft. Kehlani Cover Art)

Rush (Remix) ft. Grammy Nominated R&B artist/songwriter Kehlani, is the same record performance by Starrah w/ a different verse from Kehlani. They both blend perfectly together, & it’s always a dope feeling when two R&B act can bring something different to the table, but sonically blend together cohesively.  Making “Rush” surprisingly a very “smooth”, & catchy tune that infectious melody will spread to all ages.

You can purchase Starrah’s “Rush” single here-


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