Tauzha- “Blew A Bag” ft. Lil Durk/ “Capone”/ “Low Key Hatin” (Official Music Videos) + Nitty’s Knocker interview

Happy Monday GirlMuch Readers,

Tauzha5ringscover– (Tauzha “5 Rings” mixtape front cover)


Tauzha5ringscover– (Tauzha “5 Rings” mixtape back cover)


How is everyone doing this morning? I hope the X-Mas Holiday SZN, & weekend has been treating everyone well. I wanted to expose our readers to a rising female Chicago emcee/artist, who has multiple records/singles out right now really heating up the streets. Tazuah, who real name is, Tazuha Alexander, born June 23rd, 1990, hails & reps the west side of Chicago!  She released her first mixtape entitled, “5 Rings”,  in July of 2017 according to Datpiff.com- http://www.datpiff.com/Tauzha-Five-Rings-mixtape.848559.html (Download, & stream the project now).

ProphetAmenRa&Tauzha– Prophet Amen Ra & Tauzha)

tauzhafollow(-Tauzha follows back via Instagram)

I had the opportunity to finally meet Tauzha in person this year at a Remy Martin Producer competition held in Chicago. I was introduced to her by her publicist, & a mentor of mine, (from earlier in my career), Ms.Briahna Gatlin, with Swank PR! (Thank you again Briahna!)  Tauzha also was kind enough to follow me back via Instagram last week as well.  From initial encounters she seems like a very humble/hardworking individual, which are traits that when exhibited, are what superstars are made up of! I feel like if she continues down this path, she will have very bright legacy, & future in the music industry.

BlewABagcoverart– (Tauzha ft. Lil Durk- “Blew A Bag” cover art)

I was randomly scouring the internet earlier this year, when I came across Tauzha’s music. In a world where everyone woman now-a-days wants to be a barbie, it was refreshing to hear an authentic female from the streets trying to be no one else but herself.  The first single I heard from Tauzha was, “Blew A Bag” ft. Lil Durk.

lildurk1– (Chinx Drugs, Lil Durk, & Prophet Amen Ra)

lildurk2– (Lil Durk & Prophet Amen Ra pic #2)

A major feature from an unsigned artist on her first single, with a video directed by a notable director, Mr.Boomtown, who won director of the year by BET in 2009 & 2010 respectively. Mr.Boomtown has directed videos for Lil Wayne, Big Boi of Outkast, David Banner, & plenty others just to name a few.  Tauzha & her Hard Head Money Boyz team came out the gate swinging w/ this record!

Very dope, & exclusive location for the club scene in “Blew A Bag”, not to mention Lil Durk delivers a fire 16, which to me, is one of his best features of his 2017 working year. I had the opportunity of meeting Lil Durk in person w/ Chinx Drugs a few years ago in Chicago, & I worked with his team earlier this year on a business inquiry. (R.I.P. Chinx Drugs!) Its good to see two great talents from Chicago come together, & have natural chemistry on a record! A dope moment for Chicago music culture indeed.

tauzhacapone– (Tauzha- “Capone” cover art)

Mr.Boomtown, & Tauzha are back again with another crazy visual, & record! “Capone” is another dope single off the “5 Rings Vol.1” mixtape. Everybody with street ties in Chicago will love this record paying homage to the city, & notorious mobster “Al Capone” who also hails from Chicago as well!

“I say my prayers to Capone/ That’s my city, that’s my home/

This is for them young ni***s/ that get money off the phone/

This is for the card cracking n****/ trying to get it on/

For that hating ass ni****/ that was hating all along”….

The production, & flow is A-1 on this record. The ad-libs flow smoothly with her bars in the verses.  This right here is Tauzha in her best form.  Not to mention the editing from Mr.Boomtown with the bats coming out the background, & the split screen scenes with explosions in the background makes this black and white music video one wild experience, & ride!

“I was selling cane to ya’ll/ when I was in my training bra!” The streets hear you loud and clear Tauzha! She was clearly spitting lyrical venom on this record.  She has a lot of quotable punchlines that you have to check out. Play the official music video, & record located above.

LowKeyHatin– (Tauzha- “Low Key Hatin” cover art)

I love the consistency of Mr.Boomtown productions, & Tauzha. It’s rare you see directors, & artists work consistently with each other for 3 singles back to back from the same project.  Tauzha is clearly 3 for 3 with this single release, “Low Key Hatin”, & the singles mentioned in this feature.  Consider this Tauzha’s warning shot, & anthem addressing all the haters,  while still letting her audience know she will continuously work through all the “Low Key Hatin” regardless of where, or whom it comes from. The production has flutes reminiscent of 808 mafia, & Metro Boomin’ productions.  This record to me sounds like we need a remix by Migos on this joint!

Quotable from Tauzha (“Low Key Hatin),

“I can not lose, I got my back against that wind/ and I will not lose, b**** I’m here for that win!”

Tauzha&Rti– (RTI- Rion The Instrumentalist & Tauzha)

williemacjjackson– (Tauzha’s A&R/Management team rep follows back via IG)

I had the honor of connecting Tauzha with a rising producer out of Chicago I do management for named, RTI, (Rion The Instrumentalist- https://www.instagram.com/rtiofchicago/) One of Tauzha’s A&R’s/management team reps connected with RTI, & I a few weeks ago for a great meeting. Tauzha, & RTI have  been working quietly in the background, & I’m sure this link up will result in some fire records for 2018.  GirlMuch, & I look forward to what will be coming from the both of you in the near future.

If you want to learn more about Tauzha, & how she got to this point in her journey. Check out her exclusive interview on Nitty’s Knocker (www.nittysknocker.com) via  Que4radio coordinated by Nitty, Swank PR, & I earlier this year.  We wish you nothing but the best Tauzha. Keep working, & grinding! Your time is coming sooner than you think. Love, honor, & respect!

Tauzha Social Media Links:

Tauzha Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/tauzha.alexander.33

Tauzha SoundCloud- https://soundcloud.com/tauzha

Tauzha Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/tauzha/?hl=en

Tauzha Twitter- https://twitter.com/Tauzha