YM Latina: Are Fans Giving Stephanie Acevedo A Fair Chance? (Acércate Official Music Video + Background Info)

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While high-lighting amazing women in all kinds of fields, & industries on this platform, I also like for my writing to demonstrate depth, & start honest conversations, & dialogue within the culture about the public figures, taste-makers, & celebrities I high light. I also feel in life it is important to address all elephants in the room directly as you progress along your journey.

Artists should be judged & evaluated in the music industry based off what their purpose, music, brand/persona, & the credits/accolades/awards they receive state about them. There should be no room for personal prejudices or biases based off physical looks, ethnicity, sexual gender, etc… when judging someone’s music. & records.  So without further ado let’s dive in today’s piece!



If you haven’t heard of Stephanie Janet Acevedo by her online artist name, “Stephanie Acevedo”,  than you’ve definitely seen her beautiful image floating around online everywhere! (Especially if you an avid social media user.)  Boasting a steady growing fan base of about 349,000+ Instagram followers at the present moment, she is gaining the attention of the industry by being aligned with the Young Money power players, & taking incredible model photo shoots showcasing her amazing physique.


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It seems Stephanie online presence is only subject to increase as time progresses.  Stephanie is of half Cuban-half & half Puerto-Rican descent, & is said to be a Miami, FL native born on October 11th, 1987. She attended South Dade High School in Homestead, FL while growing up in the sunny environment. From the way it looks, Stephanie has been singing her whole life, since she was a young child. (Check out the clip below!)

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Stephanie9– (Stephanie Acevedo & Ms.Betty Wright)

Stephanie14– (Stephanie Acevedo & Lil Wayne)

Stephanie’s occupations can be described as a glamour model/ singer-songwriter/ & ring-girl with Championship Fighting Alliance MMA League.  Stephanie graduated from Miami Dade College as a medical student, & while being featured on numerous magazine covers, she also did work with Telemundo as well. It is also known that legendary soul singer, Ms.Betty Wright, is Stephanie’s vocal coach!

This shows in my opinion, Stephanie is very serious in honing her craft, & is willing to learn from people more experienced than her in order to excel to higher plateaus .  A key attribute in becoming the next big superstar on the Young Money label.


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It is said Stephanie officially signed to Young Money Ent. in 2015 after knowing Lil Wayne & Mack Maine personally for a few years prior. Both her, & label-mate, pop songtress, Christina Milian, signed to the Young Money label in the same year. On November 26th, 2015, the record, “Crystal Ball”, by Lil Wayne featuring Stephanie Acevedo was released on his “No Ceilings 2” mixtape.

Stephanie15– (Lil Wayne & Stephanie Acevedo)

Stephanie16– (Stephanie Acevedo & Lil Wayne)


In Lil Wayne’s CRWN Interview above with Elliot Wilson aka YN of Rap Radar/Tidal,  you can hear him shout out Steph on the rooster of Young Money artists as, “Young Steph” at 13:29. In Lil Wayne’s  “Dusse” Freestyle (located above) released in 2014 you can hear him stating all his Young Money members that was in the studio with him while recording the record, “Dusse”.  at 1:31 he says, “Steph in this b**ch”…!”

Lil Wayne has boasted incredible A&R skills in his decade plus long legacy by being a mentor, & boss to two of the biggest superstars in the music industry, Drake & Nicki Minaj. With Lil Wayne’s track-record, one thing I won’t be quick to question is how he can develop, & mold a talent he believes in over time. It is clear to see he believes in Stephanie Acevedo’s artistry in the exact same way!

StephanieYMPopupshop– (Stephanie Acevdeo & her Young Money label mates at a Young Money Pop Up Shop)

In 2015, on August 28th, Stephanie was seen in New Orleans at a Young Money pop up shop in Noveau. While in October of 2017, she celebrated her birthday with Lil Wayne at the Sugar Factory in Miami, FL-https://sugarfactory.com/stephanie-acevedo-celebrates-birthday-sugar-factory-miami-lil-wayne/

Stephanie3Stephanie4– (Lil Wayne & Stephanie Acevedo)

Here is a quote from Stephanie personally drawn from YMHQ.com about working with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Ent. label-http://www.youngmoneyhq.com/2015/01/21/stephanie-acevedo-talks-signing-to-young-money-knowing-lil-wayne/,

Stephanie8Stephanie11– (Stephanie Acevedo & her Young Money label mates)

“I think they’re a great label. They’re very united and I definitely feel the love and support and that’s what any new artist should feel. You should feel that back up… the love. I’m very happy.”

“I’ve had friendships with them for a few… two or three years. We’ve had contact with each other but musically – in the last few months, we’ve been working at this and trying to get everything together.”


“It’s definitely going to be very interesting and very different from what Young Money has done in the past. We’ve had talks about doing Spanish music, bilingual, making sure that a little piece of me is in the music.”


“I think that me being Wayne’s artist is separate. I’m Young Money and that’s where it starts, & that’s where it ends. I definitely have nothing to worry about.”

In 2016, the clip above was also released of Stephanie in-studio previewing an unreleased Lil Wayne record.  You can clearly see from the information above that she is putting in her ground work in branding herself as an artist, & has been remaining consistent for years networking, & using her relationships to propel her artist career to this current point. She is more than just a pretty face, as she has earned the respect of  one of the most prominent emcees in the world. She was also seen backstage at the Lil Weezy Anafest in 2017.

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On August 14th, 2017  behind the scenes footage of Young Money’s latina first lady, Stephanie Acevedo, & her single, “Acercate”. The official video to the single was uploaded on Lil Wayne’s channel on October 6th, 2017.  When you look at the comments under the video on the channel, it shows  a lot derogatory statements about Stephanie, & claims about Stephanie using her sexuality to get ahead in her career.  This makes me bring up the question when evaluating Stepahie Acevedo’s artist brand, are we as consumers really giving her a fair chance at proving herself?” Especially when actually judging Stephanie’s artistry.


I think the first thing we need to state, so that this is an unbiased, &, fair assessment is the fact that her first single’s content was posted on “Lil Wayne’s official YT Channel”. Being completely transparent, Lil Wayne fans while loyal to the Young Money brand are very eager to see their favorite artist out of this bind due to the legal situation between Lil Wayne/ Young Money/ & Cash Money/ & Universal Music Group. Lil Wayne fans have been anticipating the resolution of this legal situation, & Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated album the, “Carter V” for quite some time now.

Stephanie18– (Birdman, Ceelow, Hoody Baby, Mack Maine, Drake, 2chainz, Lil Wayne, & Stephanie Acevedo)

When fans specifically targeted for Lil Wayne get a notification that new content from “Lil Wayne” has been uploaded via Youtube, and it’s 98% mostly a Spanish speaking R&B crossover pop record/single from a virtually brand new singee. You have to keep that point in mind when evaluating why Stephanie is receiving  unwarranted backlash from this video, & I believe it has nothing to do with the quality of the single, video, and/or her talent/skill level. I feel like it however has a lot do with the fact that is she prettier than the average woman, & that Lil Wayne fans are very restless, & just want their favorite artist back in a favorable position!


I think the video, & record sounds good especially seeing as how the label is currently in a pending lawsuit worth over 51+ million dollars , & an entirely separate but similar lawsuit situation against UMG for 40+ million dollars- (http://www.complex.com/music/lil-wayne-cash-money-beef-timeline/) .





This means Young Money Ent. is seeking close to, or over, 100+ million dollars in unpaid, & back royalties which would be used to service the entire Young Money label, operations, & artist rooster alike. Not to mention you have artists and producers like T-pain, Bangladesh, David Banner, solving legal disputes with the company as well. While getting her music in line, Young Money starting marketing Stephanie by having her hosting night club events, & making special appearances in different markets around the world.


It’s not an easy task to put out a product, market, & develop talent with such mental, & financial stress on both the executives, & talent alike at the label.  I think that has to be taken account when judging Stephanie’s singles as well because this is what she has to go through behind the scenes  while creating a product she is satisfied with creatively to represent her, & the Young Money label. This is not an easy task for a new artist to deal with, & also screams volumes on Stephanie’s dedication, & loyalty towards Lil Wayne, & his team.

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You can hear Lil Wayne’s GM & Young Money COO, Mr.Cortez Bryant, speak on the legal trials of the Young Money Company with joint venture partners, Cash Money & UMG below. At 18:10 you can hear Mr.Bryant state how Wayne never wants his legal ventures to effect any of his artists which is why regardless of the on-going media circus, & legal disputes, Young Money artists have continued to put out content for fans, in spite of the adverse circumstances they are up against.

Not to mention Stephanie Acevedo actually has a track-record of content she has put before her official 1st single, & video for, “Acercate”. Check out some of the content that led her to getting to Young Money Ent, & attracting the attention of Lil Wayne, & his staff below:


It seems Stephanie has some cool things lined up for 2018, & I only see her brand growing online. I’ve seen everything from in-studio clips w/ Pleasure P.,  animated robot versions of Stephanie Acevedo, to a portrait tattoo made of the Young Money Latina as well (Content can be seen below).  Now that we aren’t just judging Ms.Acedeo solely from media gossip, & Instagram photos. I’ll be the first to say her movement is only growing, & I look forward to seeing where Young Money, & Lil Wayne take her career in 2018 alongside her creative vision. If you want to keep in touch with Stephanie on her journey check out the social media links below:

Stephanie Acevedo Social Media Links:

Facebook Fan Page– https://www.facebook.com/Stephanie-Acevedo-1374403789462670/

Instagram– https://www.instagram.com/stephs_music/?hl=en

Twitter– https://twitter.com/stephsamusic?lang=en