Hello Girl Much.com Readers,


I wanted to craft this feature today to inform all of our readers that Artist-Songwriter, Model, & E! Entertainment Reality Star,  “Queen Roe”, also known as Lola Monroe, currently has a multi-facted production company she is currently building called, “Blue Rose Dynasty”. Blue Rose Dynasty is a production company that will serve as the hub for all Queen Roe, & Lola Monroe produced content, & product such as music projects, music videos, merchandise, etc…



Blue Rose Dynasty has a subsidiary arm called, “Vegan Goddess”, which is a Health-Wellness/ Fitness/ & Vegan lifestyle brand centered towards catering, & aiding the experience of the Vegan millennial woman.


BRD will dwell within “record production”, “model management”, & also serve as a record label/production company- platform for emerging talent that fits both the Blue Rose Dynasty, & Queen Roe brand image that has been built, while still honing in,  developing, & exposing the unique talent within themselves as well. Every great dynasty needed leaders within it to truly make history & flourish, hence why this search was called into play.


BRD which stands for “Blue Rose Dynasty” is currently looking for interns to fill the following job roles/positions within the internal structure of the company ; Videographers, Video Editors, Graphic Designers, PR/Marketing Interns, & Assistant (s) positions are all open and the recruitment, & scouting process has already begun for  the best candidates for Blue Rose Dynasty.


I am proud to announce that I was choosen by CEO/Founder of Blue Rose Dynasty, Queen Roe,  as the “Head of Business Operations” for Blue Rose Dynasty. It’s a title I assume with great pride, & take very seriously with the duties related to the success of my job role.  All Blue Rose Dynasty/Queen Roe business inquires, & resumes for “Intern” positions within Blue Rose Dynasty can be submitted to my email- DonnelPerry@BlueRoseDynasty.com for review in regards to being selected to join Blue Rose Dynasty.


Social Media Links:

Queen Roe Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/iam_queenroe/?hl=en

Queen Twitter- https://twitter.com/Thee_LoLaMonroe

Vegan Goddess Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/vegangodd3ss/?hl=en