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Queen Roe-Blue Rose Dynasty Recruits ThirdEyeRaz + ThirdEyeRaz Dopest Videos Listed

Hello GirlMuch Readers,


raz1– (Queen Roe aka Lola Monroe shot by Third Eye Raz pic#1)

Queen Roe aka Lola Monroe is based out of California currently fielding/filtering, & building her, “Blue Rose Dynasty” team to support her present, & future artistic-creative, & business endeavors in regards to her career as an entrepreneur, artist-songwriter,  & entertainment company owner among various other roles as well. Including but not limited to mother, designer, & print model.

raz2– (Queen Roe aka Lola Monroe shot by Third Eye Raz pic #2)

Queen Roe recruited, Mr.Donnel Perry, aka Prophet Amen Ra, as the “Head of Business Development” for Blue Rose Dynasty about 4 months ago. In the past recent months of them connecting, both Queen Roe, & Prophet Amen Ra have been seen posting promotional advertisements such as the one listed below via their Facebook/ Instagram/ & Twitter accounts.

BR1          BR3



During the filtration process of the ton of applicants that applied to join Queen Roe, & Blue Rose Dynasty’s business & creative efforts. One applicant in particular stuck out during the interview process, & we’ve seen him in studio since working with Queen Roe.

🔌📸 @goodluckrancel

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Razak Ologunebi also known as ThirdEyeRaz ( is an amazing 23 year old filmmaker/photographer/ & director now based out of Los Angeles, California. I recommend everyone visiting his official website which was quite impressive, & engaging upon the first visit. There is plenty of content such as artistic visuals w/ dope models,  his press-media work, personalized curated playlists, & unique photography to engage with on the site. Check out ThirdEyeRaz’s star studded 2017 reel featuring names such as PNB Rock, ASAP Rocky, Bejia M. Velez, XXXTentacion, Ray-J, & many others.

If you a creative of any sort looking to work with ThirdEyeRaz you can also book your appointment to work, & connect with him personally via his official website as well. Raz’s past work history includes being a “Video Production Intern & Production Assistant” at Karmaloop, working at Complex- Pigeons & Planes as a “Video Editor/Videogapher”, being a “Videographer/Video Editor” for the Hontus Milano Group, & now he currently works as a “Video Specialist” for


I highly recommend the “V.P.A.”-Visually Pleasing Art mix play list. It’s been one of the main playlists I’ve been playing all time for the past few months. Listening to it while watching the shifting backdrop of ThirdEyeRaz’s official website also creates a unique vibe as well. These curated taste-maker vibey type play lists is a testament to ThirdEyeRaz’s future as a DJ, & A&R if he chooses to go down that path. It’s clear to see his ear for talent is one a kind, & he is definitely a professional to seek out to understand what music is hot in the streets, & in the core of the culture at the present moment!

new waves on the way 🌊✨| @iam_queenroe #shotbyraz

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ThirdEyeRaz was most recently seen at the 2018 BET Awards. Check out his behind the scenes footage, & media below:

Stunt & Stay Glorious_ | @liluzivert #shotbyraz #BETAWARDS18

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NJ ✈️ LA . Still maneuvering 💥#BETAWARDS18

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An assortment of videos can be seen on Third Eye Raz’s official website & Youtube channel ( , but these are the selected visuals that were my personal favorites along with some behind the scene pieces Third Eye Raz has filmed from his discography, check it out:




Third Eye Raz Contact Links:

Official Instagram:

Official Website:

Official Youtube Channel:

Official Twitter:






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