From Burnt Out To On Fire

Burnout is real and sadly a state that most people have found themselves content living in.  From attempting to keep up with constant demands, neglecting to take care of yourself, or feeling disempowered by those around you, your energy can deplete fast and furious.  Before you know it, you’re constantly agitated, you lose all sense of passion and creativity, and your thirst…


Has J.Cole & Dreamville Listened To Lexii Alijai?!

– (Prophet Amen Ra/Ms.Briea Chanel (CEO: GirlMuch.com/ & J Cole) I was sitting here listening to an artist-songwriter I’ve known of, & been connected to for awhile now name, Lexii Alijai. Lexii is an artist-songwriter from Saint Paul, Minnesota that I first heard of like 2 years ago in 2015 from an underground classic-duo collaboration…