Has J.Cole & Dreamville Listened To Lexii Alijai?!

– (Prophet Amen Ra/Ms.Briea Chanel (CEO: GirlMuch.com/ & J Cole) I was sitting here listening to an artist-songwriter I’ve known of, & been connected to for awhile now name, Lexii Alijai. Lexii is an artist-songwriter from Saint Paul, Minnesota that I first heard of like 2 years ago in 2015 from an underground classic-duo collaboration…


Meet Sahara Santos: International Women Suits Designer & Trey Songz Collaborator

Hello Everyone,      Ms.Sahara Santos is the 25 year old Brazilian bombshell that I had the pleasure of connecting with a few months ago. With her consistent dedication towards her academic/educational career, it leaves her schedule very tied up, & busy! However,  after remaining very patient and diligent, we got this great exclusive interview…


Mrs.Nikki Burnett: LifeTime TV’s “Bringing Up Ballers” (Q&A-Interview)

Special thanks to Mr.Cortri Trotter (Cortri Trotter Productions) for his professionalism! We are here today on GirlMuch with an exclusive interview with, Ms.Nikki Burnett, one of the leading reality stars & stand out entrupenuers of LifeTime TV’s newest series, “Bringing Up Ballers”-http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/bringing-up-ballers . Check out Nikki’s exclusive content with the site below. The  CEO of…