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Why Tika Sumpter Kept Her Pregnancy a Secret for Seven Months: ‘I Didn’t Want to Hear, “Who’s the Dad?” ‘

Tika Sumpter is expecting her first child, a little girl, in early October. But while most couples gearing up to welcome a baby this fall likely made it known earlier this year, Sumpter waited until August to do so — and for good reason. “She’s my first child, and I wanted to experience every moment of this pregnancy for myself and enjoy it…


Beyoncé Is Among This Year’s Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Business for 2016

All hail Queen Bey! Beyoncé rounded out this year’s list of “Most Powerful Women” as ranked by Fortune. The pop diva was not tallied into the ranking like the 50 other women honored, but was instead included as a “bonus pick.” She joins a roundup of 22 CEOs and other boss people, ranging from Mary Barra, CEO of GM who takes…


Solange Explains Why Black Women Don’t Feel Safe in ‘White Spaces’

  Solange and her husband took their son and his friend to see legendary electronic music band Kraftwerk Friday night in New Orleans. She spoke her mind about being black in a “white space” after a group of women threw lime at her during a concert Friday night. After standing up to dance to Kraftwerk’s hit Machine, Knowles claims…


Gabrielle Union Stands Up for Colin Kaepernick at ‘Birth of a Nation’ Premiere

During the Q&A portion of last night’s second screening at TIFF, “Birth of a Nation” co-star and outspoken critic of Nate Parker’s rape allegations, Gabrielle Union invoked the spirit of change and put Colin Kaepernick on the same pedestal as Nate Turner. “If you are wondering about Colin Kaepernick and his stand for equality and if he’s on the…