Katrell Mendenhall Interview with MUA and Fashion/Beauty Expert, Katrell Mendenhall

When talking about Celebrity Make-Up Artists one name instantly comes to mind and that’s Katrell Mendenhall. She’s a fashion and beauty guru, successful runway model, lead makeup artist at AJ’s of Chicago and a personality on the hit reality television show, Chicagolicious. Katrell told what lead her to a career in the make-up industry.

Katrell Mendenhall (Far Right) Star of Reality Television Show, Chicagolicious

Katrell Mendenhall (Far Right) Star of Reality Television Show, Chicagolicious

GM: Did you have an artistic background growing up?
KM: No not really. I’ve always been creative. And had a love for fashion & makeup.
GM: When did you first discover your interest in makeup?
KM: I was sitting backstage during fashion week at one of my first shows and was in amazement of the transformation… the beauty… and the woman you could become.  I instantly fell in love and asked one of the artist to train me. And the story began..
GM: Did you have any formal makeup training?
KM: My craft and skill of makeup artistry has been a gift. Besides being a under some of the best artist of our times I’ve never had any formal training. I was completely hands on doing shoots, commercials, weddings, executives etc. It was complete trail and error. (not what I would suggest now a days) But that was my path.
GM: Besides reality television, are there any other areas of media you frequently work in?
KM: I’m a host/reporter
GM: What is your daily routine as a makeup artist and reality television star?
KM: It really varies.  Workout is always at the start of my day (5:30am). Typical day consist of being on set for 12+ hours, maybe an appearance and then cracking up at dinner with MaCray.
GM: When you are booked for a job, do you meet with the photographer and/or designers to find out what kind of look they want? Or do you have full creative freedom?
KM: Both can and have happened before.  It depends on the client. Some photographers/designers are excited about a vision and already have something in mind.  In those cases a story board is created for the shoot.  In other cases the client loves your creavite ability so much it’s all left in your hands as an artist to create beauty.
GM: What is one beauty tip that you could give to women that many of them may not know?
KM: I always tell my Preparation H secret – It helps reduce puffiness under the eye!  Don’t believe me… try it!
GM: Are there any particular products that you’d recommend or that you’d never be without?
KM: I would never be without Makeup Forever Concealor, YSL Mascara or Nars Clear Gloss. A must have for every purse :)
GM: You have the opportunity to work alongside so many amazing individuals, but is there any one client, that you katrell-mendenhallabsolutely love?
KM: All of my clients are FABULOUS.  Even the most difficult ones lol.
GM: What would you say sets you apart from other makeup artists?
KM: Hands down my creativity! My mind takes things to another level and always outside the normal comfort zone of each woman. Not to the point where your unrecognizable but where you see the NEW YOU… The BEST YOU!
GM: What has been the biggest challenge of your career?
KM: Balance!!! With so many opportunities I forget to balance my personal life (family, friends, love life). I’m getting better!!
GM: Tell us, if you can, what upcoming projects you have in the works?
KM: So much, clothing line coming in the fall called “Moods”, Hosting, Fashion & Beauty Expert, Modeling Camps and so much more. Stay connected with me thru my website to learn what’s coming up next!
GM: What is your advice to aspiring makeup artists?
KM: GO GO GO!!!  Be a sponge and learn from others. Always keep your skills updated.  Network, Network, Network!!  But most importantly trust in your artistry skills… Nothing’s sexier than a confident Makeup Artist!

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