Bali Baby’s PlayGirl Gang- The Mysterious Skyy- “Packk” & “10k” (Review)

Hello GirlMuch Readers,


I hope everyone has been well since my last feature on this platform. Life, & business has taken a very interesting turn to say the least, & I’m here to feature a very interesting movement, individual, & hopefully start a fresh dialogue in the process of all of this.




Business has lead me to networking, & building with an upcoming female artist-songwriter out of Atlanta by the name of, Bali Baby.  If you aren’t aware of Bali Baby, she has been taking the internet by storm just getting mentioned on Complex News Show; “Everyday Struggle”, by new co-host, & Joe Budden re-placement, Troi Torain, aka Star, as one of the next emcee’s up w/a new wave of music in her arsenal for 2018!

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Bali Baby just left the XXL office in NYC, & was just recently booked to perform at this year’s “Rolling Loud” Festival. Bali is currently right now on a nation wide pop up tour hitting states like Illinois, Virginia, Los Angeles, & Atlanta. It’s safe to say 2018 will be a year Bali Baby’s presence is only growing within Hip-Hop, & soon Pop culture in general.




Bali Baby has an all-girl conglomerate movement & production company called, Play Girl Gang, (@theplaygirls), which has a following of over 6,287+ people via their official Instagram.  From my knowledge, Bali Baby, is the founder of PlayGirl Gang. PlayGirl Gang’s 2nd CEO is named, Gabrielle Henderson aka Gabby, who is a fashion model that can also be seen in Bali’s “Dip Dip Freestyle” official video, & alongside Playboy Carti in Complex Music promo clips. The company is suppose to dwell in everything from music, visuals, art, fashion, beauty, modeling, styling, & several other facets and crafts of the entertainment industry.

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Hypothetically speaking, if this was a party, Play Girl Gang member, ,Skyy, would be the mysterious girl in the corner who never speaks to anyone, only observing everyone around her the whole time. She boasts a following of 4,651+ followers at this current moment, which is relatively impressive for an artist with no type of official videos out. Her soundcloud says she is from Houston, but on her record, “Stain” she can be heard claiming she is from Chi-raq (Chicago) as well, so as of this moment we aren’t sure where Skyy is currently, or is originally from.


What made this feature difficult was because as a contributor for an all female platform with over 30,000+ readers, I want to make sure I’m sending the right message to our young female audience. At the same time however I am an artist, & creative at heart, & not only do I understand, & respect freedom of expression. I also feel like a person should not be scolded or chastised for the life they had no choice but to grow up in, especially when they are just trying to tell their own story.


If you look at Skyy’s official Instagram you will see multiple pictures of her with guns, & loads of marijuana which I will not post directly in this feature due to the positive nature we are trying to keep for the theme of this site. However, what I won’t do is allow these images to taint my gauge of Skyy’s musical & lyrical talent as a whole.


You may have an opinion on her lifestyle, or the fact that she is posting this type of content to her Instagram and she looks between the age of 18-21 years old.  However, what I will say is that we don’t know this girl’s story, & growing up in the hood/trap, & it’s effects on the artist of today’s generation, when you see young artists like Tay-K rising out of nowhere, to me is a very interesting discussion to have among the OG’s & taste makers of the culture.

I’m hip-hop to the core, & while Skyy’s image, & message especially for a young woman may cause some controversy among conservative type people, & an older audience. I can respect the authenticity in the fact that Skyy’s lyrics match the images seen on her Instagram. You can clearly see Sky does not care what anyone thinks of her lifestyles as long as she is getting money, her bills are paid, & she is progressing with her music. She clearly is not seeking the approval, or validation of anyone with the content that she posts.


Her lyrical content on, “Packk”, has her rapping, “I’m pouring lean in my soda, still in the trap it ain’t ova/ I just want the rover..”, “You want some gas I put that on the scale, you want the whole pack I send that thru the mail”. It’s a very dope record with dope production that I suggest everyone check out, & you can tell Skyy has a very unique perspective to give in her music’s lyrical context.  This record currently has 1,754+ streams.  Her music has a  masculine view point with the gun toting bars, & imagery of her experiences on this record to be such an outwardly feminine girl via her Instagram’s apperance.

Gimmie a couple more days 😈💯💉

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Now if your looking for a hit single from Skyy, introducing the record, “10K”.  This record has over 4,523+ streams via her official sound cloud page. The bouncy bass-line & Sky’s choppy yet on point, & consistent flow will make this an underground club banger, & trunk knocker in hood’s everywhere as 2018 continues to roll out. Quotables from this record includes lines like, “They say Sky where you at where you been?/ Moving that weight, and I ain’t talking about Gym’s”. “Pop A Ni**a like Balloons/ Smoking that gas take me right to the moon/bitch what you thinking lil bitch we aint cool,  strap in the back, let it clap, aint no rules, b****!”


“I got a plug in Japan, this s** so unplanned”!/ Everything name brand….” Skyy is lyrically hot, & swagging on these records. Point, Blank, Period !  Hate it or Love It, if she keeps putting records out consistently of this quality, the streets will help elevate her career accordingly.


Skyy has  such a natural talent, & bright future as an artist & female emcee I don’t want to come off as the preachy type or anyone’e father, however me being an older artist-songwriter, & executive figure in this industry, I would like to give a word of advice to Skyy personally, & share some things with her before I close this feature/review out.


Live your truth!! I’m not telling you don’t rap about your experiences in the trap; popping xans, drinking lean, selling drugs, & toting guns- if that is your authentic truth, because that truth could help another young girl seek her way out of similar situations who perhaps you can reach and touch thru your music, & lyrics.

I listen to your lyrics carefully, & while it may come off as violent, you also are speaking from a perspective of survival by any means necessary, which if you didn’t grow up in the hood you wouldn’t understand, but I get completely! Which is why even with the content on your Instagram, I wanted to feature you on this site because I feel your voice, & talent does need to be heard.

However, what I will say is take notes from rappers like Lil Peep who died at the age of 21 from an Xanax overdose. Famed rappers like Pimp C, & Fredo Santana who sadly both passed away from drinking Lean. Than you have great talents similar to yourself like Bobby Schmurda, Lil Wayne, T.I., & a host of other celebrities/entertainers/ & influencers who careers, & lives were effected from being incarcerated involving gun charges.


The Hip-Hop police is very real, & has always been real in our culture. The police is also mainly utilizing social media to catch culprits in today’s time. With this being said I’m not saying change your message if you feel that truly represents you. What I will say is I hope the lifestyle you rap about does not lead you down similar paths as the ones I have stated above.

I personally want you to have a very prosperous long music career, & I just hope over time none of what was stated above conflicts with your career moving forward, & excelling accordingly!


With all due respect to Bali & Gabby’s leadership. If your looking for an additional mentor that you could lean on for advice, my door is always open to you. I understand it may not be easy coming from the streets, & maneuvering up that ladder, especially in Hip-Hop as a woman recording artist.


However, what I will say is focus on being the best artist possible, & channel all what life is throwing at you in your music as you have been doing thus far! Don’t get caught up in things that will have permanent effects on your future, especially while your young.  We would like for “Skyy” to be around to reap the spoils of her success, creativity, & hard work! Otherwise, keep up the great work in your songs, & music. I think your on to something very big for yourself, & Bali Baby’s Play Girl Gang Movement!


Skyy Social Media Links: 

Skyy Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/i.skyy/

PlayGirl Gang Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theplaygirls/

PlayGirl Gang Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/playgirlbooking?lang=en