Ending 2017 Gracefully: Nadeska “Pinky” Alexis (Everyday Struggle-Complex Media)

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Nadeskapic2-(Ms.Nadeska “Pinky” Alexis- Moderator- “EveryDay Struggle”- Complex Media)

Nadeska&AmenRa– (Ms.Nadeska “Pinky” Alexis & Prophet Amen Ra at ComplexCon 2017)

This piece will be a rather interesting one because sometimes I feel like life throws curveballs, & the integrity, strength, & value of a person is normally tested when put under high pressure situations from these “curveballs”. I also honestly never thought I would be writing this piece from this angle, & perspective about this particular topic.

For the people who have been living under a rock when it comes to modern pop culture, & the digital/viral space, this is Ms.Nadeska Alexis also known as, “Pinky” by her former co-host, Joe Budden, from their viral hit show, “EveryDay Struggle” which aired Monday-Friday daily on Complex Youtube Channel by Complex Networks/Media. Nadeska Alexis served as the moderator of the show between co-hosts, Youtube personality, DJ Akademiks, & Slaughterhouse member turned Media Maverick, Joe Budden.

AmenRa&DJAkademiks– (DJ Akademiks- Everyday Struggle, & Prophet Amen Ra)JoeBuddenlike1– (Joe Budden tweets Prophet Amen Ra back)

After a long day of conference calls, meetings, & creative-strategic thinking for myself, it always felt good to sit back, & watch an episode of “Everyday Struggle”! I didn’t necessarily care if it was the “cool” thing to do. It’s how I personally liked to spend my time daily as I felt it was a new-age trendy debate platform where open, & honest conversation about Hip-Hop, & Pop Culture along with thought provoking criticisms were refreshingly, & surprisingly welcome on the show in an age where people can barely look in the mirror, & judge themselves.

Nadeskalike– (Nadeska Alexis likes Prophet Amen Ra tweet)

NadeskaComplexCon2017– (Nadeska at ComplexCon 2017)

It was a lot of crazy things going on in the culture up to the inception of “EveryDay Struggle” airing online. A lot of smokes & mirrors put up to hide things from the public, & it felt good to visit a place for an intelligent, honest, & healthy conversation to talk about, & address everything that had been going on in the music industry.

vicmensa– (Prophet Amen Ra & Vic Mensa)


One thing you have to respect about the moderator of such a platform, is that in times where the meetings, conversations, & encounters with various celebrity guests on the platform got very edgy, & turburlent (EX: Russ, Migos, Vic Mensa).  Nadeska, or “Pinky”, as Everyday Struggle fans call her, was always seen keeping the conversation leveled, & respectful as possible, at least until the cameras stop filming. Which of course in moments like these are all you ask of for a good host. (Just to keep their composure until we’re no longer live. )


In the midst of BET award red carpet fights, being included in Migos Diss records via Impersonators (Ex: “Ice Tray The Gang” video) guests bringing up e-mail chains conversation live on-air & on set, & her co-hosts getting threatened live on-air.  Not everyone can handle these situations, & still be viewed with the same level of class, & maintain a respectful decorum, & speech while doing so. When a person does exhibit this level of prestige in their behavior in tough times & situations, that is what we call high level display of grace, & integrity.

Nadeska2– (Nadeska Alexis responds to Prophet Amen Ra)

nadeskasway– (Nadeska Alexis & Sway Calloway on the VMA’s Red Carpet)

Nadeska is a very humble, & cool personality who does not let the fact that she worked with legendary companies like, “MTV-Rap Fix Live”, co-hosting it w/ Sway Calloway (2013-2014) which aired on MTV Jams & MTV.com, or the fact that she is now currently a co-host on Beats1 every Sunday at 2pm/5pm/ & 8pm EST  get to her head.

Nadeskapic8– (Nadeska Alexis at Beats 1 HQ)

If you even dive deeper into her story, you will learn that it was her persuasive talking in the “Rap Fix Live” office that lead to the epic “Kanye West x Sway Calloway”  viral moment for the culture on “Sway In The Morning” Sirius XM-Shade 45, that is still talked about until this day around the world in media, & pop culture. Sway & Nadeska hosted a pre-VMA special at the Barclay center in 2013.




(Sway Calloway & Prophet Amen Ra interactions)

(Sway Calloway x Kanye West Viral Meltdown)

Nadeskapic6– (Mr.Pharrell Williams & Nadeska Alexis-MTV News)

Nadeska earned a B.A. in “Journalism”, & “Global Culture” from Binghamton University in Upstate NY. She started out as a writer for Aol Music-The Boombox.com for 2 1/2 (two & a half) years. Than as her career progressed she returned to Blackbook media first as an, “editorial assistant, & than worked her way to become an “Assistant Editor” for the platfrom as well. Over time Nasedeska assumed the position of “Writer & Editor” for MTV News.-rapfix.mtv.com. She managed a team of writers, & also controlled their Twitter account, MTV HipHop, which all eventually merged into MTVNews.com, while still at the time simultaneously managing the RapFix Live accounts, & writing/conducting interviews during that same time period.

Nadeskapic9(Nadeska Alexis & Erykah Badu live on set at “EveryDay Struggle”- Complex HQ)

She now, however, currently works as a “News Anchor, Senior Editorial Producer” for Complex Media. She is from Grenada which is a sovereign state in the south eastern Caribbean Sea. She was 10 (ten) years old when she moved to “Flatbush” in Brooklyn, NYC emigrating with her family to America.  You can hear more incredible details about her past in her talk leading up to a few months ago with her interview on, “A Waste of Time” below.


Nadeskapic4– (Nadeska Alexis-Everyday Struggle-Complex)

I had the honor of meeting Nadeska at this year’s ComplexCon 2017.  She has very warm, friendly, & embracing energy; which is exactly the kindred spirit you see on-camera daily on “EveryDay Struggle! She  was literally the exact same person she has been these past 8-9 months live since the show aired, & that was pretty cool, & reassuring to know after meeting, & connecting with her. Of course, she is a multi-dimensional person and does her occasional “shit-talking”, & sarcasm on the show, but that is of course what makes her, “Pinky’ from “Everyday Struggle”.

joebuddenscreenshot-(BET.com posts about Joe Budden leaving Everyday Struggle)

joebuddentweet2– (Prophet Amen Ra asks Joe Budden about leaving Everyday Struggle)

Everyone returns from ComplexCon. I along with a cult following of others continue to watch ,”Everyday Struggle”,  daily until we all find out in a crazy plot twist that the show’s lead personality, & voice, Joe Budden, would no longer be working with Complex Media, & the show indefinitely. An official statement was released from Complex-https://www.themaven.net/allhiphop/news/complex-issues-statement-about-joe-budden-leaving-everyday-struggle-Hcn3Q0u-PUiyoL8jp52dEw . I tweeted Joe Budden personally, & this is how he responded to the situation.  Nadeska was quiet for about close to a week after the news was announced before releasing some of the following tweets below:





I really respect how even in this dark times for the “Everyday Struggle” series she still kept the team spirit, & never once threw any of her co-workers under the bus. Of course Nadeska felt the need to clear up facts about her that she deems as untrue. As would any professional would want to do if they were in her exact situation. However, she never once escalated the situation on her end with her comments, nor talked down upon anyone involved in this situation while it has been on-going in the public eye. Something only people with class, & respect can display that when the media is in a frenzy, & everyone has an opinion what you should’ve done in the scenario.

Nadeskalikesreply– (Nadeska Alexis likes Prophet Amen Ra reply to her tweets)

If possible everyone let’s chill out with all the name calling please. I’ve listened to past content (like the video above) from Nadeska and she has dealt with everything from being called a slut to death threats all from just doing her job at prestigious organizations. I know the internet will be the internet, but for the record,  she is not hurting anyone, nor doing anything malicious to anyone! This is a young female taste maker in the entertainment industry who is surely shaping pop culture, & millennial’s thought process everyday with her contribution, & production work at Complex Media.

We over at GirlMuch.com commend, & salute Nadeska for ending 2017 gracefully in the midst of accomplishing great feats this year, & enduring chaos simultaneously. Keep your head up, & keep elevating. There are greater things to come for you!  Keep being a positive role model, & example for young women everywhere who follow you. We need more young leaders setting an example like you in today’s media, & entertainment industry!!!

Feel free to check out a few cool interview clips gathered of Nadeska Alexis interviewing different celebrities with Complex Media-News:

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