Views From The Thick Podcast Ep.6: “Motorcity O” Meets “Detroit Bey”

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great, & loved filled day on a day like today.  I came across this podcast interview very randomly after connecting, & speaking with this social media influencer named, Brittany Williams, (@sur_b) aka “The Detroit Bey” , & following her brand.








The name of the podcast is called, “Views From The Thick” , & me personally being an OVO supporter, & affiliate made me immediately love the name of the outlet/podcast, & brand based out of Detroit, Michigan!  The host of the show is named, Cheyenne Lanee . The streets, & industry is talking, & calling her “MotorCity O” with the O standing for Oprah.  I’ve seen Buzzfeed, Yahoo Lifestyle, The Shaderoom, SnoopDogg, Bossip, DishNation,  &  LifeandStyle Weekly posting about her physique, & uncanny resemblance to Oprah herself. “Motorcity O” was thinking ahead to make sure to include video footage of this dynamic interview below.





"Brittany thinks, Wendy?" Shall we expose receipts??? @wendyshow

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To make things a bit crazier she is interviewing Brittany who is also famous on social media for having an unprecedented resemblance to pop superstar Ms.Beyonce Knowles.  I’ve seen Wendy Williams, Oxygen, BET, Bossip, Entertainment For Breakfast, The Industry On Blast, ECRenaissance, Glamour Magazine,  Daily Mail, PopSugar, The Shade Room, TIME, Business Insider, MadameNoire, The Jasmine Brand, VIBE, Ebony Magazine,  Cosmopolitan, & countless other outlets have all posted about Brittany since she has went viral.  It has been reported that Ms.Williams is actually a production planner for a fortune 500 company. Although she does have talents as a writer, stylist, image consultant, influencer, & designer. She can sing, & dance, but after speaking with her personally she dancing, & singing was not her top priorities at the moment.


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I wanted to feature these young queens because in a modern day society where groupie culture is at an all time high. These two women could easily not work as hard, & take the easy route out! Getting opportunities handed to them due to their uncanny resemblance to these top celebrities/taste makers.

However, they do the exact opposite, & have both become entrepreneurs, & influencers building a brand based off working hard, being intelligent, & having morals as  women in this industry which is very rare to come by!  Check out this great dialogue, & intelligent interview where they touch on a myriad of various topics as our future women leaders in the entertainment industry.

I'm not the "other" anything.. I'm the only "B" of my kind… -B

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To Ms.Brittany Williams- Consider this a Valentine’s Day Gift from me to you! I was inspired by your mentality, integrity, beauty, & perspective/personality to high light you on this platform today. So many outlets are making you famous for comparing you to someone else.  I actually feel quite the contrary, that there is no one quite like you, & that you are one of the most unique individuals I had the chance of encountering.  I hope on a day like today that your getting everything your heart desires. You have a very bright future. Take Care.

Social Media Links:

Brittany Williams Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/sur__b/

Cheyenee Lanee Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/caramelapple_chey/